Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Pressies from California

My uncle and aunt came over from California last week and kindly bought a couple of state side pressies for me. There were only two items I asked for the first being a set of Essence of beauty brushes and the second the NYX jumbo pencil in Milk.

Now how things played out were that my aunt didn't have the time to go to CVS and Target and so gave detailed instructions to my uncle. That's right my uncle was now responsible for my cosmetic purchases. You can all imagine what I was thinking at this point. However my uncle did well and managed to get me the Essence of beauty brushes. :-) He also managed to buy the NYC white eye liner pencil (bless him for trying).

I'm quite excited to try these out as I hate having to spend money on expensive duplicate brushes. I'm pretty lazy and loathe having to clean my brushes so often. Considering they only cost about £10, the brush hairs feel incredibly soft. A bonus for me is that Essence of Beauty are
currently running a promotion were a free crease brush is included in the set. :-)

I haven't tried these out yet but I'll post a review once I've used them thorougly. On initial inspection though they are farrrrr better in quality and price than the drugstore brushes we get here in the UK. xx