Monday, 26 April 2010

New M.I.A Born Free

As well as beauty I love love love my music and I'm so glad that M.I.A is finally releasing some new material. If you don't know M.I.A, she's a Sri Lankan born, London raised, American residing artist. She's a mix mash of cultures and her music is reflective in my opinion of those experiences. She's politically active with her lyrics and calls it how she sees it and for that I admire her ability to create such powerful and honest music that has a deeper substance. Her stuff isn't light and fluffy! but I do love it because it's unique and has a wiked bass. Any way this is her new single. I've only watched it once and it's directed incredibly well but I'm so excited that I thought I'd quickly post about it. This new material is a bit different to her last album but I'm sure there's some genius behind it so I look forward to the rest of her new stuff and listening to the music and not allowing myself to get consumed in this new video lol. Enjoy x

Sunday, 4 April 2010


I was a tad bored earlier and decided to play with my eye shadows. I've owned Urban decay Shattered for years but not really every used it. So I decided to blend Shattered with my newly acquired Mac shadow Nylon and came up with this look. Nylon really tames down the green in Shattered and makes it personally more wearable for me, I'm really looking forward to recreated this look for an evening out in the summer. I really like this look, it's simple and very quick so perfect when I need to look a bit glammed up but haven't got the time.

Apologies for the rest of my face I didn't have any foundation or powder on so I look a lil ickey.

Products used

Urban decay shadow Shattered all over the lid
Mac's Nylon in inner corner and used on crease to blend colours together
Mac Eye brow shader set in Maple/Soft Charcoal
Soft Charcoal used to fill in brows with liner brush and Maple placed under the brow
Maybeline Line definer Liquid eye liner used to line the lid and to lightly line the bottom waterline.
Rimmel's Special Eyes precision eye liner pencil used to tightline the upper lid.
Mascara Lancome's Hypnose the curved one not the lengthening one.
Natural Collections Peach Melba blush on cheeks

Saturday, 3 April 2010


I was hoping you guys could give me the low down on facials. I've never had one and feel like my skin needs some professional care (removing black heads and all that gorgeousness). Are there any particular types of facial that you ladies would recommend especially as I'm a first timer with combination/sensitive skin who rarely gets spots. Any feedback would be great x

Friday, 2 April 2010

Free Delivery on

Hello to all on this sunny Spring day in London. I Received an email this morning from Aldo notifying me of free deliveries on ALL orders till Monday. Not an opportunity to miss out on if you fancy yourself a long weekend treat. Hope you're having a fab holiday Fridayx