Saturday, 3 April 2010


I was hoping you guys could give me the low down on facials. I've never had one and feel like my skin needs some professional care (removing black heads and all that gorgeousness). Are there any particular types of facial that you ladies would recommend especially as I'm a first timer with combination/sensitive skin who rarely gets spots. Any feedback would be great x


  1. i'd probably suggest that because it's your first facial, don't go for full whack. just in case your face reacts badly. cos u have sensitive skin, not everything will be right for you, although the beauty therapist should use products designed for sensitive skin. goin on..
    maybe jus go for a simple cleanse, tone, moisturise and extraction?

  2. Yeh that's what I was thinking, I'm just a bit nervous about making sure I go to the right place. Can you imagine if I end up leaving in red blotches.