Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Pressies from California

My uncle and aunt came over from California last week and kindly bought a couple of state side pressies for me. There were only two items I asked for the first being a set of Essence of beauty brushes and the second the NYX jumbo pencil in Milk.

Now how things played out were that my aunt didn't have the time to go to CVS and Target and so gave detailed instructions to my uncle. That's right my uncle was now responsible for my cosmetic purchases. You can all imagine what I was thinking at this point. However my uncle did well and managed to get me the Essence of beauty brushes. :-) He also managed to buy the NYC white eye liner pencil (bless him for trying).

I'm quite excited to try these out as I hate having to spend money on expensive duplicate brushes. I'm pretty lazy and loathe having to clean my brushes so often. Considering they only cost about £10, the brush hairs feel incredibly soft. A bonus for me is that Essence of Beauty are
currently running a promotion were a free crease brush is included in the set. :-)

I haven't tried these out yet but I'll post a review once I've used them thorougly. On initial inspection though they are farrrrr better in quality and price than the drugstore brushes we get here in the UK. xx

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Nail Polish Collection May 2010

Until a year ago I really wasn't that interested in nail polish. Looking back I must have gone years with out buying a single one from year to year. However this year I have definately paid more attention to nail polish and have a ginormous list of wants because of nail bloggers such as Scrangie and All Lacquered up. You will soon find out that I am attracted to mostly bright and vivid colours, even though I know it's not practical I just can't help going for striking shades and therefore don't feel so bad shelling out a couple of quid as most are Barry M as apposed to £10 a piece if I was to buy OPI or Essie. Here's my collection thus far, I don't think its much but when I counted there are actually over 40 polishes! If you have any questions or would like swatches then leave me a comment and I will get back to you asap. Enjoy xx

L-R: Bourjois-Rose Scarlette, Rimmel Lycra-Magenta, Christian Dior-Pink Socialite

L-R: China Glaze- Rich and Famous, Barry M- Neon Pink, Barry M-Bright Pink

L-R: Revlon Limited Edition colour Chrome in Blush Chrome, Barry M- A very old shade with no name but numbered 138,China Glaze-Nasty,La femme- Angel

L- R: Nails Inc-King Road, Collection 2000 Hot Looks- Dynasty, Rimmel lasting finish-Ice Queen, George-Rain Cloud, Rimmel lycra- French Manicure

L-R: Barry M- Navy, LA colours-Wired, Barry M- Cobalt Blue, OPI-Just Groovy,
Barry M- Cyan Blue

L-R: Nails Inc- Basil Street,Barry M-Mulberry Pink,Barry M- Mulberry, Nails Inc Coke limited edition- London, Nails Inc-Jermyn Street,Maybelline Express Finish-Hip Diva

L-R: Barry M limited addition- 284 Emerald, Barry M-Lime Green, Barry M-Mint Green, Barry M- Old colour so only have a number 134,Constance Carroll- Pineapple Cube.

L-R: Nails Inc- Saville Row,OPI-Lincoln Park After Dark

L-R: Barry M- Flamingo Pink, Rimmel Lycra-Pop Apricot,17 Lasting Fix-Tropical Island,17 Lasting Finish- Orange Soda, George-Sunset Orange

L-R: Nails Inc- Tate, Barry M- Bright Red- Rimmel Lycra- Hot Gossip

Monday, 26 April 2010

New M.I.A Born Free

As well as beauty I love love love my music and I'm so glad that M.I.A is finally releasing some new material. If you don't know M.I.A, she's a Sri Lankan born, London raised, American residing artist. She's a mix mash of cultures and her music is reflective in my opinion of those experiences. She's politically active with her lyrics and calls it how she sees it and for that I admire her ability to create such powerful and honest music that has a deeper substance. Her stuff isn't light and fluffy! but I do love it because it's unique and has a wiked bass. Any way this is her new single. I've only watched it once and it's directed incredibly well but I'm so excited that I thought I'd quickly post about it. This new material is a bit different to her last album but I'm sure there's some genius behind it so I look forward to the rest of her new stuff and listening to the music and not allowing myself to get consumed in this new video lol. Enjoy x


Sunday, 4 April 2010


I was a tad bored earlier and decided to play with my eye shadows. I've owned Urban decay Shattered for years but not really every used it. So I decided to blend Shattered with my newly acquired Mac shadow Nylon and came up with this look. Nylon really tames down the green in Shattered and makes it personally more wearable for me, I'm really looking forward to recreated this look for an evening out in the summer. I really like this look, it's simple and very quick so perfect when I need to look a bit glammed up but haven't got the time.

Apologies for the rest of my face I didn't have any foundation or powder on so I look a lil ickey.

Products used

Urban decay shadow Shattered all over the lid
Mac's Nylon in inner corner and used on crease to blend colours together
Mac Eye brow shader set in Maple/Soft Charcoal
Soft Charcoal used to fill in brows with liner brush and Maple placed under the brow
Maybeline Line definer Liquid eye liner used to line the lid and to lightly line the bottom waterline.
Rimmel's Special Eyes precision eye liner pencil used to tightline the upper lid.
Mascara Lancome's Hypnose the curved one not the lengthening one.
Natural Collections Peach Melba blush on cheeks

Saturday, 3 April 2010


I was hoping you guys could give me the low down on facials. I've never had one and feel like my skin needs some professional care (removing black heads and all that gorgeousness). Are there any particular types of facial that you ladies would recommend especially as I'm a first timer with combination/sensitive skin who rarely gets spots. Any feedback would be great x

Friday, 2 April 2010

Free Delivery on Aldoshoes.com

Hello to all on this sunny Spring day in London. I Received an email this morning from Aldo notifying me of free deliveries on ALL orders till Monday. Not an opportunity to miss out on if you fancy yourself a long weekend treat. Hope you're having a fab holiday Fridayx


Saturday, 27 March 2010

New Lip gloss 17's Ultimate Volume in Peach Melba

I was philandering around in my local Boots store a couple of weeks ago when my eyes caught sight of this colour lip gloss. During my university days I used to be more of a lip loss girl than lipstick but in the last couple years I'm far more drawn to lipsticks no doubt due to working and so I now very rarely buy lip gloss. However I saw the new the spring collection by 17 and fell in love with this colour and thought it would be perfect on top of my peachy orange lipsticks.

Peach Melba swatched outside on an over cast grey day

Peach Melba on my lips outside on a grey day

On my lips this gloss definitely looks more pink than coral but that's because my lips are quite pigmented. The colour of this gloss is more true on the swatch on my hand and you can see that as well as being quite pigmented it has a gorgeous subtle shimmer which I would say is more of a gold as apposed to the silver in the picture. Peach Melba is pigmented enough to wear on it's own but not so opaque to overpower a lipstick you were to wear underneath. An added bonus is it's a volume boosting lip gloss so if your looking to get a fuller pout your in luck. I'm really looking forward to combining this with lipsticks for the summer when I'm bronzed from the sun and brave enough to wear a bright lip.

Boots- 17 Ultimate Volume lip gloss in Peach Melba

Monday, 22 March 2010

Mac Ripe Peach on my cheeks

So I finally got around to sorting my camera situation out so as earlier promised here is Mac's limited edition blush ombre in Ripe Peach on my cheeks.

To be honest I was a little hesitant in posting as you can probably tell by the pics I am incredibly tired at the mo and so have dark and slightly puffy eyes. I am a bit of an insomniac at the moment and just feel like rubbish because I have been caffeinating up quite a bit. Hopefully I'll get a good night's rest tonight and I'll feel pretty again by the morning.

I do enjoy wearing this blush, it's subtle yet really helps lift my complexion and I love layering it to make it more intense. I've also tried the pinker shade on it's own and its brill. All in all I love this blush.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Lustings of the day

Just a couple of things I'm lusting over on the asos website. I can't wait for the warmer seasons to begin. These definatley belong in the more conservative work appropriate category but hey I love them all the same.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Telephone Lady Ga Ga and Beyonce

Oh my lordiiiiiiiiiiii, so I've just seen the mini movie music video that these two artists have produced for their new single Telephone. It's brilliant, completely ballsy with a strong edge. I wasn't too keen on the song but now I've seen the video accompanying it I'm completely converted to the Ga Ga hysteria. Yeey for the return of the Pussy Wagon. I love the elements to this video, you feel the respectful dedication to the late Michael Jackson and the running theme to the cult Tarrintino film trilogy Kill Bill. Check out the video let me know what you think.


Wednesday, 10 March 2010

You Tube babyyyyyyyyyy

Hi guys, so I've taken the plunge and have just uploaded my first You Tube video! EEk tell me what you think? Hope I come across okay, as I was super nervous. Let me know please as I'm tempted to delete it if you guys think its rubbish. My username is Pinkalishy. Thanks bellas

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Aldo love

I'm lusting after these today. I've been into Aldos a couple of times and just end up starring at these in awe. They would look so cute with my spring summer clobber. I'm just not sure about them because of how high the heel is probably because I'm currently recovering from breaking my foot (not a shoe related inccident though!). I'm going to be a restrained adult and say NO(whilst mentally stroking the shoe and hissing my precious). OOOOh to have loved and lost.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Mac Spring Colour forecast Collection

So last Thursday the lastest Mac collections came out. So come late Thursday afternoon I dragged my boyfriend over to Westfields so I could see the collection in person and low and behold the one thing I really wanted was SOLD OUT.

I am ofcourse talking about the Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach. I sulked to myself, blamed my boyfriend for not letting me get to Westfields earlier but resigned myself to the fact that maybe me and Peaches weren't meant to be. I had checked online the week before and Ripe Peach was sold out online too so I knew going to the Mac store was my only chance of getting my hands on it.

So today I was thinking of which stores near me would still have it in stock. I was planning on calling a couple stores to see if they were by any chance back in stock. Out of nowhere I had a genius brain wave and realised that my father worked in the vacinity of a Mac store, he works at Heathrow Airport and whenever I've traveled and gone to the Mac store at terminal 5 they are always instock of everything. So I made the call, implied it was life or death and my father assured me he would make a trip to the store on my behalf on his break. 15 minutes later my blessid father calls me back and asks how many I would like!!!! Lol I asked for the one and was overrrr the moon.

So yes ladies and quite possibly a few gentleman reading, I am now the proud owner of Ripe Peach and I have to say it looks stunning on my skin. I absolutely love it and its the first peach blush I've purchased and I couldn't be any happier with it. I will however swatch and post some pics as soon as a camera is available to me because lets face it pictures are better than words :-)

I also picked up Electric Fuschia lip gloss and Fresh Salmon lipstick from the collection. But will discuss these on a later date as I haven't worn them yet and I'm still on the fence about keeping the purple gloss. As pretty as it is I just don't know when I'll wear it. Have any of you guys got anything from the collection yet? X

I'm back well ish

Hi all so I'm going to start making a real big effort with this blog. I just couldn't get myself into posting before as I'd broken my camera and got frustrated with not being able to post pictures. But hopefully in a couple of weeks I will have a camera that I can use and so I can start my blogging journey. Thanks to all that have subscribed and keep in touch with your thoughts and opinions. X