Monday, 8 March 2010

Mac Spring Colour forecast Collection

So last Thursday the lastest Mac collections came out. So come late Thursday afternoon I dragged my boyfriend over to Westfields so I could see the collection in person and low and behold the one thing I really wanted was SOLD OUT.

I am ofcourse talking about the Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach. I sulked to myself, blamed my boyfriend for not letting me get to Westfields earlier but resigned myself to the fact that maybe me and Peaches weren't meant to be. I had checked online the week before and Ripe Peach was sold out online too so I knew going to the Mac store was my only chance of getting my hands on it.

So today I was thinking of which stores near me would still have it in stock. I was planning on calling a couple stores to see if they were by any chance back in stock. Out of nowhere I had a genius brain wave and realised that my father worked in the vacinity of a Mac store, he works at Heathrow Airport and whenever I've traveled and gone to the Mac store at terminal 5 they are always instock of everything. So I made the call, implied it was life or death and my father assured me he would make a trip to the store on my behalf on his break. 15 minutes later my blessid father calls me back and asks how many I would like!!!! Lol I asked for the one and was overrrr the moon.

So yes ladies and quite possibly a few gentleman reading, I am now the proud owner of Ripe Peach and I have to say it looks stunning on my skin. I absolutely love it and its the first peach blush I've purchased and I couldn't be any happier with it. I will however swatch and post some pics as soon as a camera is available to me because lets face it pictures are better than words :-)

I also picked up Electric Fuschia lip gloss and Fresh Salmon lipstick from the collection. But will discuss these on a later date as I haven't worn them yet and I'm still on the fence about keeping the purple gloss. As pretty as it is I just don't know when I'll wear it. Have any of you guys got anything from the collection yet? X


  1. haha well done :p

  2. Thats cool!!Waiting for pictures!!!

  3. Yeey people responded! lol I'll get them to you guys as soon as possible but honestly I'm looooving this blush! Did you guys get it? I'm a nc30/35 kinda gal and it looks lush.

  4. yep got it lol