Saturday, 27 March 2010

New Lip gloss 17's Ultimate Volume in Peach Melba

I was philandering around in my local Boots store a couple of weeks ago when my eyes caught sight of this colour lip gloss. During my university days I used to be more of a lip loss girl than lipstick but in the last couple years I'm far more drawn to lipsticks no doubt due to working and so I now very rarely buy lip gloss. However I saw the new the spring collection by 17 and fell in love with this colour and thought it would be perfect on top of my peachy orange lipsticks.

Peach Melba swatched outside on an over cast grey day

Peach Melba on my lips outside on a grey day

On my lips this gloss definitely looks more pink than coral but that's because my lips are quite pigmented. The colour of this gloss is more true on the swatch on my hand and you can see that as well as being quite pigmented it has a gorgeous subtle shimmer which I would say is more of a gold as apposed to the silver in the picture. Peach Melba is pigmented enough to wear on it's own but not so opaque to overpower a lipstick you were to wear underneath. An added bonus is it's a volume boosting lip gloss so if your looking to get a fuller pout your in luck. I'm really looking forward to combining this with lipsticks for the summer when I'm bronzed from the sun and brave enough to wear a bright lip.

Boots- 17 Ultimate Volume lip gloss in Peach Melba

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