Thursday, 10 September 2009

Reading 09

So I went to the Reading music Festival here in England on the Sunday and I have to say that I had a lousy day. I was oouber excited to see Bloc party as they are one of my favourite bands and I hadn't seen them live before.

The line up wasn't that great which I was prepared for but a culmination of grey and chilley weather with the festival crowd seeming to consist this year of mostly teenagers just left me really annoyed and bored.

The bloc party set involved me being surrounded by people who were much taller than me so I couldn't see the stage or the screens by the stage at all. The wind was distorting the sound of the band and I was being shoved by the over cellos teens who felt the need to push past me in order to move forward, may I add that I was in the third row behind the VIP barrier! To top it all off I got splattered by someone throwing their cider during the performance. So you can imagine I was super pissed at this point. I stayed on to watch Radio head but by then I'd had such a horrid day that there was no way that the Radio head set would cheer me up, especially as most of what they were playing was their old and emotionally draining back catalog.

So in conclusion I spent a lot of money for a day that I wish to never re live.

I think I'll probably only ever go back to Reading if the line up is brilliant just because I can't be bothered to deal with the kiddies. I've been to other weekend and one day festivals but I have to say that Reading 09 was my worst experience by far. The crowd were too young and the line up was crap.

Bring on Glasto and V 2010!

Did anyone else go to Reading this year? How did you find it?


  1. Hi, what a great post ! Thank you - it's perfect. Cool site too - thank you for sharing it. Best wishes & great to meet you (as it were)....

  2. Awww thanks Elisa, you're the first person to comment!! Thank youuuuuu. I need to get to grips with all this technology palaarva and then I can attempt to make this page unique. :-)
    Did you go to Reading this year?

  3. Hello! I'm sorry to hear the festival didn't go well...I've never been to the UK (though I'd love to!), so no Reading for me, haha. It does get annoying when the people surrounding us don't respect others' space; even the best of concerts / movies are ruined.

  4. Thanks you're the second person to ever comment lol. I haven't been adding to the blog as it feels sort of weird, slightly egotistical when you start spouting opinions and there's not actually anyone reading LOL.
    Where are you based? I guess it's like that with any music festival really, just more so Reading as there seemed to be so many teenagers around. I sound like a granny I know. You into music? x